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OCW-S6000-1AJF   CASIO OCEANUS "Manta"  
         SOLAR Radio-Controlled with Bluetooth

MULTI-BAND 6     https://www.gshock.com/technology

         One year International warranty and casio original box


   Made in JAPAN

   Solar and Radio controlled
    With Bluetooth

   Tough Solar
   Radio controlled
   Dual display for world time
   None-refractive Sapphire glass
   Multi Band Atomic time keeping
   (US. UK. Germany. China and Japan)
   Auto hand homeposition correction

   Mobile link function (Oceanus Connected)
   One-push time connecting
   World time 300 cities
   Newest time zone and summer time

   Titan case and bracelet twith DLC treated
   ZARATU finish
    10 bar water resistant
   Stop watch 1 second to 24 hours

   Battery indication
   Power saving function
   EL back light
   Power reserve 7 months

   Manual 5665

   47.1x42.5x8.7mm/ 86g
   MSRP 275,000JPY

  • International price
  • (included shipping charge)


OCEANUS  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.